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Seminar 1

The essentials of mechanics, electronics and coding are covered here to equip the new members for the upcoming workshops. Topics including from

A. Basics of mechanics like actuators, joints, pivots, couplers, motors and wheels

B. Electronics related topics like PWM, Sensors, IoT Basics, Motor Drivers and the H-Bridge

C. And concepts of coding from logical operations to conditional and looping statements to functions,arrays and pointers are covered

Seminar 2

An introduction to Image Processing where everything from the basics of Python programming to Image Processing are covered. The concepts taught pertain to:

A. Essentials of Python like variables, data types & operators, loops, functions and file handling

B. Image Processing basics like color detection, image convolution and blob detection

Seminar 3

A seminar to revisit some important concepts of Wall-E workshop, which are a little difficult to understand initially.

A. In Electronics linear regulators, switching supply and reverse voltage protection

B. And topics like PWM & ADC, PID, communication protocols like UART, USART, SPI, I2C and the line follower algorithm are revised