Summer Projects

EKLAVYA - Summer Mentorship Programme

Eklavya is SRA's summer mentorship program where first year students get the opportunity to transform their ideas to projects under our guidance. The program covers their hardware requirements and project expenses along with support from our highly skilled members and feedback from our esteemed alumni network. Participants have to go through a week long selection process before being admitted to the program. Eklavya has worked as a starting point for many researches and startups throughout these years.


Labyrinth Simulation

A maze solving bot which finds the shortest path was simulated in Coppeliasim.

Ball Thrower Bot Simulation

Detects the position of the person and extracts the coordinates of the point where the person may catch the projectile

Human Pose Replication

Track and replicate human poses to play an endless runner game in real time

Pick and Place Bot Simulation

5-DOF manipulator which identifies the color of the box and places the boxes on different conveyors depending on color.

Drone Simulation

Quadcopter simulated in Gazebo that performs obstacle avoidance and goal to goal movement


Cursor movement control and right and left clicks were done using ESP32 and MPU

Quadruped Simulation

A 4 legged robot that reaches the destination simulated in Coppeliasim

Self Driving Car Simulation

Car simulated in Coppeliasim which moves from one point to another while avoiding obstacles in its path.

Multi-class Classification

Using OpenCV distinguishes vehicles into different classes


Using deep learning and just a camera, gauge your emotion.

Automated Parking System Simulation

A 4 wheeled bot that could park parallelly and perpendicularly in the Coppeliasim simulated environment.

Ben eater's 8 bit Computer Simulation


Augmented Reality

An augmented reality keyboard and controlling various functions using hand gesture recognition on a user interface

Unsupervised Speech Recognisation

A remote module capable of recording, translating and summarizing an ongoing conversation using Natural Language Processing

Human Robotic Arm with Haptics

Mechanical Hand which mimics a real human hand and also provides haptic feedback

UAV Traffic Monitoring

Traffic monitoring and management system using Camera on UAVs


Ball Balancing on a Plate

The project is all about balancing the ball on a plate using PID control system using arduino and Image processing using OpenCv python.

Robotic Cat

A 4 legged robot which can navigate through an open space.

Virtual Cycle

Intended towards making a simulation of a moving cycle on Gazebo and moving it according to the teleoperation commands using ROS.


Eye Writer

Controlling the mouse by tracking movements made by the pupil.

Smart Clothes Trial

Enables users to try on clothes virtually.

Automated Chessboard

The Electronic version of the classic strategy board game.

Soil Testing Data Acquisition and Automatic Irrigation

Tests soil samples, giving readings of physical properties and stores data in an app.


R-HEX 1.0

R-Hex is an all terrain Bot the design of which is inspired from the bug of Robotics.

Airwave Orchestra

A Microsoft Kinect based application for virtually playing the musical instruments of your choice.

Smart Bag

A simple bag which can electronically lock the bag and alert the users about the contents present in the bag using RFIDs.

Seed Plantation Bot

This seed plantation robot is capable of digging holes at equal intervals and sowing seeds in these holes.

3D - Mapping

An algorithm capable of mapping all the surrounding points automatically in 3D Mapping.


Biped Bot

A biped prototype which is a exemplar for the mechanics and the general problems to be encountered when building a human sized robot.

Zigbee RC Car

The wireless remote controlled monitoring robot using the Zigbee module.

Smart Pendrive

A pen drive that could let the user view the files without any bulky computer or some network connectivity.

Pocket Piano

With size of merely a small block, this device allows you to play a piano on a bench