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About Us

Started in September 2008, the Society of Robotics and Automation, better known as SRA, is VJTI’s sole student body which deals with Robotics, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Automation and its allied fields.

We conduct workshops, seminars, competitions and mentorship programs to provide a kick-start for budding engineers and help them bring their ideas to reality. Our team also participates in national and international competitions like (Smart India Hackathon) SIH, NVIDIA Jetson Developer Challenge, National Instruments NIyantra, Texas Instruments Innovation Challenge, ABU Robocon and (World Robot Olympiad- Advanced Robotics Challenge) WRO ARC.

The Society thrives on its members, cultivating new and inquisitive minds to its arsenal and tries to excel in research and technology. We aim to create awareness and support budding enthusiasts to fulfil their goals.

Flagship Projects

Manipulator on mobile base capable of autonomous navigation

An unmanned four legged robot for movement across rough terrains

A humanoid robot that performs real time human imitation

An amphibian drone capable of manoeuvring in air as well as underwater.

Address: CT 101, Department of Mechanical Engineering, VJTI, H R Mahajani Road, Matunga, Mumbai - 400019

Phone : + 918369110314